Create the Life You Want to Live

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Create the Life You Want to Live

So much more is in our grasp than we ever dreamed possible. We are capable of more than we think. What we need is not someone else’s life but a paradigm shift for our own life. And when you begin to change your thinking, you begin to see new possibilities and then start to take action to make it happen. It’s time to change our thinking and begin creating the life we want to live.

What better way to carry your inspirational art with you wherever you go! Now you can feel inspired throughout your day, wherever you go, and stay focused on what is important to you in your life at the time.

The great thing about these designs is that they are interchangeable! The art can be changed just like you would change the art in your home simply by removing the framed art and replacing it with a new piece. How cool is that! Sometimes we need inspiration in a new area of our life, or we want something fresh and new that wows us all over again, so the art was designed to be interchangeable to stay fresh and new!

Additional interchangeable pendants are available here:

*Each art piece is covered with a clear protective dome that may or may not be show in the image but is included on the final product, just like the glass in a frame, for the protection of the art work.

**This is an example image. The actual item will be similar to this one but as all are custom made by hand, it might vary very slightly.

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Price: $55.00
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